Welcome To Edwards Electronic Processing (EEP)

Edwards Electronic Processing (EEP) is a Central Florida based Medical Billing Agency. Located in Orlando, we have provided billing solutions to many practices–from independents to large groups–for over 25 years. EEP’s main focus is client satisfaction and we strive to make sure that our clients get great, personal service. Some of our clients have stayed with EEP for the whole 25 years!

EEP started out billing for local therapy providers, specifically Physical, Speech and Occupational Therapies. We’ve built a lot of our practice on serving therapy providers in the Central Florida area. However, we also specialize in several other areas and have experience billing Applied Behavior Analysis, Personal Injury Protection (Auto and Workman’s Comp), Mental Health, Eval and Management, and several others. We’ve adapted to many billing situations and are happy to work around you.

Who Is EEP

EEP provides its billing services to more than 100 practices, ranging from small individual therapists to large multi-provider practices. EEP has been in business since 1991 and has seen, experienced, and adapted to all of the health insurance changes that have affected the industry for the past 25 years. We strive to keep our providers informed and try to experience the changes with them. We send out informative newsletters, visit offices to consult on best practices, and deal directly with the insurance companies on the provider’s behalf.

EEP chose its name to refer to “Electronic Processing” because we were a billing agency that provided electronic billing at a time when many providers were still billing on paper. We’ve strived to maintain that level of innovation and efficiency as we’ve grown. We understand that efficient processes aided by technology will lead to the fastest possible payment to our providers.

EEP has learned in its 25 years that our clients are the key to our success and we make sure through our service and response time that they know how important they are to us. We’ve seen many clients that were able to grow with the help of our services and hope that we can see the same efficiencies work for your practice.

EEP wants to form a partnership with each and every one of our clients. We have a constant open-door policy and want our clients to come to us about any and all questions they have. We understand the tiresome work required to get paid by some medical insurances and we are completely ready and willing to do the work for you.

We work to ensure you get paid on every claim possible. We understand that you getting paid is key to your continued success and our continued partnership. We have individuals at EEP who work solely on A/R and maintaining your account, working any problem claims consistently and not writing off any issues without informing you first. We will not give up at the first level appeal and will take it as far as we can.

We work closely with owners, therapists, and office staff to build our relationship and make the process as easy and smooth as possible for your staff and the patients.

We feel the advantage of an outsourced billing agency is the 24/7 support we are able to offer you.  EEP doesn’t close for the holidays or go on vacation and there will always be someone available at our office to consistently bill your claims and consistently answer your questions. We feel our dedication and reliability will be hugely beneficial to your success as a company.

EEP’s focus is on accuracy, efficiency, and integrity. We make sure that the claims that leave our office are accurate. We strive to use efficient, innovative processes that help both your company and ours. And we strive to place emphasis on integrity and honesty. When we make mistakes, we’ll let you know. And we’ll fix them completely and fully. We will always be honest with our clients and make sure that is the cornerstone of our relationship.

Meet Our Team

Stephen Edwards
Stephen EdwardsOwner | President
Stephen Edwards started Edwards Electronic Processing 25 years ago with his wife Roxanne. Prior to working at EEP Stephen was in retail management for 10 years. His last position in retail was a District Manager with Phar-Mor Drugs. Stephen’s district consisted of 14 stores with annual sales of over $120 million. Stephen has been managing EEP for over 15 years and has increased sales over 10% every year. Stephen has worked in every aspect of the billing agency. This has given him an understanding of all aspects billing and the ability to consult with EEP’s clients on a real world level. Stephen keeps the focus of EEP on customer service and accuracy. Stephen has lived in Orlando for 35 years and enjoys spending time with his children and grandchildren.
Roxanne Edwards
Roxanne EdwardsOwner | Founder
Roxanne has worked with EEP from the inception of the company in 1991. Her expertise lies in credentialing and understanding the business aspects of therapy practices. She specializes in Accounts Receivables and Audit preparation. Among her other duties include: Electronic and Paper Billing, Developing Client Satisfaction Strategies, and Developing Scheduling and Organization Strategies. Prior to EEP Roxanne worked for CNA insurance company, her responsibilities there included distributions and quality control. When Roxanne is not working she enjoys baking, boating and spending time with her family!
Jessie Solognier
Jessie SolognierAccounts Manager
Jessie Solognier has worked for Edwards Electronic Processing in various positions since 2006. She is a lifelong resident of Orlando, Florida. She has extensive experience in medical billing and medical claims processing and now currently works as an Account Manager at EEP. Jessie earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Central Florida with honors. She specializes in maintaining efficient processes at EEP through new technology and organization. In her free-time, she enjoys volunteering and assisting with a local cat rescue in Central Florida.
Christine Daigler, CPC
Christine Daigler, CPCAccounts Manager
Christine Daigler, CPC, has worked for Edwards Electronic Processing since July 2013 as an account manager. She has an Associate’s degree in Medical Assisting/Medical Office Administration & has been a Certified Professional Coder since 1995. She has 23 years of experience in the Medical Billing/Coding fields. Prior to joining EEP, she worked in management roles for the past 20 years overseeing the Billing/Coding departments for a hospital, multispecialty clinic, and private practice settings. In her spare time, Chris enjoys distance running, yoga, and spending time with husband and dog.
Keila Orozco, CPC
Keila Orozco, CPCAccounts Manager
Keila has been a resident of Orlando, Florida for over 20 years. She has worked in the medical field for over 15 years. She was on the Dean’s Honor List and graduated from Valencia Community College with an Associate’s Degree in Medical Coding/Billing Administration. She is also a Certified Professional Coder through AAPC. She has been with EEP since 2016. In her free-time, she enjoys spending quality time with her family, exercising & cooking/baking.
Jodi Green, CCS
Jodi Green, CCSBilling Specialist
Jodi Green is a certified Billing and Coding Specialist. She has worked for EEP since March 2016. She earned her degree through Corinthian College and is currently attending DeVry University to complete her Bachelor’s in Health Care Administration. Jodi has been in the healthcare field for more than 20 years. She resides in Orlando Florida with her husband and 2 dogs. In her free time, she enjoys reading, cooking, and spending time with her family.
Susie Ames
Susie AmesAR Specialist
Susie Ames joined the Edwards Electronic Processing family in 2015 after relocating from Miami to Orlando. She brings over 13 years of experience in insurance billing, coding, collections and private physician office management for multiple physician practices to our company. Susie has extensive knowledge of accounts receivables and is a whiz at utilizing and managing anything electronic. A graduate of the International Fine Arts College in Miami, she has a degree in Interior Design and expresses her creativity as a Senior Consultant for Pampered Chef.
Christie Davis
Christie DavisBilling Specialist
Christie joined the EEP family in 2015 after working as a collections specialist at a surgery center in Orlando. A native Floridian. She moved to Orlando in the 1990s. Christie has enjoyed a wide-ranging career. Her previous roles include assistant manager of a health food store, certified nursing assistant for the elderly and then for special-needs children. She was an administrative assistant at an eldercare advocacy group in Orlando. She is a licensed medical transcriptionist and worked for an orthopedic surgeon. She is certified as Hospice volunteer.
Jasmin Jimenez
Jasmin JimenezBilling Specialist
Jasmin was born and raised in Hartford, Connecticut and moved to Orlando, Florida in 2013. Jasmin attended Florida Technical College and earned her Medical Billing and Coding Certificate with honors in 2015. Jasmin has worked for EEP since 2015. Jasmin has many duties at EEP, but primarily specializes in billing and authorizations. Jasmin enjoys spending her free time with her daughter at the beach or at the movies.
Janiece Nielsen
Janiece NielsenBenefits Coordinator
Janiece grew up in an Air Force family and settled in Central Florida 30 years ago. Janiece has been at EEP for almost 20 years. She has handled all aspects of medical billing and now currently specializes in claims payment and resolution. Janiece enjoys spending time with her 4 children and 3 grandchildren.
Suzette Ramos
Suzette RamosBilling Specialist
Medical Billing Specialist for over 7 years, with experience in Home health, Primary care & Pediatric practices. Born & raised in Western New York, of Puerto Rican descent and is Bilingual, fluent in English/Spanish. Moved to Florida at the age of 14 and pursued Medical Billing and Coding education after high school at Everest University. Suzette’s front and back office experience has allowed her to gain expertise in Accounts Receivable, Billing & Reconciliation. She’s been a part of the EEP family since 2015!
Susan Persaud
Susan PersaudBilling Specialist
Susan joined the Edwards Electronic Processing family in 2016. She is currently attending City College and will graduate with her Associate’s degree in Medical Billing/Coding Administration in 2017. Susan enjoys spending time with her family, cooking/baking and watching movies in her free time.
Chelsea Swink
Chelsea SwinkBilling Specialist
Chelsea graduated from the University of Florida in August 2014 with a Bachelor of Arts in English and all of her pre-medical prerequisites. She lives with her husband in Williamsburg, VA and has future plans of attending Physician Assistant school. Chelsea has been part of the Edwards Electronic Processing family since 2014. She also works as an Emergency Department Technician at Sentara Williamsburg Regional Hospital and is a volunteer EMT for the City of Williamsburg Fire Department. She loves spending time with her husband, Austin, playing with her yellow Labrador, Liberty, and volunteering in the youth group at her church.
Kelly Vaillant
Kelly VaillantAR Specialist
Kelly has worked for EEP since 2014. She was born and raised in Orlando Florida. She is married and has 2 children. Before working at EEP Kelly was an office manager for a local OB-GYN for 13 years. She has been involved in the medical administration and healthcare community for over 20 years. Kelly specializes in claims resolution/appeals, aging, credentialing, and benefits. Kelly loves to spend her free time at the beach with her family and enjoys photography.
Joanna Valente, CPC
Joanna Valente, CPCBilling Specialist
Joanna was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland and moved to Orlando in 2002. She brings over 20 years of experience in insurance billing and coding, as well as physician office and revenue management for multiple specialty practices. Joanna handles all aspects of medical billing, from insurance verification to appeals. She is also a Certified Professional Coder through the American Academy of Professional Coders. In her spare time, she enjoys kayaking, fossil hunting, and avoiding alligator encounters in Florida swamps.