Who is EEP?

Our EEP Family of Professionals

Edwards Electronic Processing (EEP) is a Central Florida based Medical Billing Agency. Located in Orlando, we have provided billing solutions to many practices–from independents to large groups–for over 25 years. EEP’s main focus is client satisfaction and we strive to make sure that our clients get great, personal service. Some of our clients have stayed with EEP for the whole 25 years!

What differentiates us from other billing agencies is the personal service you will receive from each individual at EEP. We like to ensure our clients receive consistency, quality, and accuracy. We work primarily with Florida practices and have a lot of experience in the Florida Medicaid program and a good understanding of Florida’s healthcare statutes. We make it our mission to be the best billing agency in Florida!

  • Benefit & Eligibility Verification
  • Electronic & Paper Billing/Claims
  • Claim Status
  • Claim Management