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Therapy Billing Experts

Our focus for over 30 years has been billing for ST, OT, PT, ABA, and EI therapy clinic providers, so you can focus on patients not paperwork!

Build Your Practice With EEP’s Specialists

Set aside the paperwork and set your attention where it belongs—on your patients!

Edwards Electronic Processing (EEP) is based in Orlando, Florida. Initially, our focus and specialty was providing effective and efficient billing services to Florida only therapy providers. Our 30+ years of experience with Florida Medicaid and our states healthcare statutes, enable us to offer clients like you, our extensive knowledge of the industry.

We have consistently expanded not only our suite of billing-related services but developed experience and expertise in SC, OR, TX and are evaluating additional states. Contact us to see if EEP is in your state.

We Specialize in

Benefit & Eligibility Verification

We'll guide you through benefit summaries, copays, deductibles, authorizations, and more.

Claim Status

We pay attention to each and every one of your claims and keep you in the loop about their status.

Florida's Therapy Billing Experts

Electronic & Paper Billing

Whether your claims need to be submitted via web portal or by mail, we've got you covered.

Claim Management

You no longer need to spend hours on the phone with insurance companies. We take care of all the follow-up for you.

Saving You Time, Money, and Stress

With EEP, your team can overcome the obstacle of navigating complex claim processes and ever-changing rules. Reduce stress and time spent on paperwork and expand your practice. As part of your team, EEP is here to set your practice up for success.

Work smarter, not harder, with Edwards Electronic Processing’s medical billing solutions today!



Make our team an extension of yours. Contact us to turn your attention back on your patients. Implement EEP’s billing solutions today!

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