Florida Therapy 101: December 2018 Update

Our CEO, Steve, discusses the T19 and T21 transition from Med3000 to Wellcare, and recent confusion about SLPA supervision requirements.
00:39 Med3000 to Wellcare Transition for T19 and T21
00:42 Backdating Claims for Wellcare
1:35 Medicaid Secondary Claims
3:52 SLPA Supervision Requirements

Florida Therapy 101: Benefits for the New Year

Our CEO, Steve, advises clients on what to consider as you plan to verify patients’ benefits for commercial carriers in 2019.
1:16 When to check benefits for new patients
2:14 Urgent intakes
3:25 Collecting co-pays
4:12 Collecting deductibles
4:37 Collecting from out-of-network patients
5:15 Managing January revenue for your clinic
5:42 The importance of dialogue with patients
7:01 How EEP will check benefits
7:54 Sunshine Early Steps denials update
8:17 Prestige claims update

Florida Therapy 101 Video Blog Series

In partnership with TheraPlan, our therapy EMR, we have started a new video blog series. Check out our first installment above!

In this edition, our CEO explains what he’ll be covering in future videos to keep our clients and other therapists and clinic owners informed about everything that’s happening in Florida therapy billing.

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How To Find The Right Billing Agency For Your Therapy Practice

How To Find the Right Billing Agency - Edwards Electronic Processing Blog

As a therapy billing agency with over 25 years of experience, we understand that billing can be complex, intimidating, and confusing. It is also perhaps the most important function you have to perform as a practice owner; after all, accurate and timely billing is at the core of a thriving practice.

Even if you’ve decided that you need outside help with all tasks related to billing, choosing a trustworthy agency is not a straightforward task. Below, we share our master tips for choosing a billing agency. Read on to get the scoop.

  1. Meet face-to-face. Before you decide to trust anyone with the enormous responsibility of collecting your revenue, it’s best to get a feel for them in person. There is no substitute for face-to-face interaction. It can tell you more than any phone call or online search will. Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, we suggest setting up a time to meet with your potential billers and make final decisions based on how those meetings unfold.
  2. Listen for a high level of industry knowledge. From the first interaction, your communications with an agency should feel right, especially when it comes to industry verbiage. When someone is at ease with the lingo you use every day, including insurance terminology and CPT codes for each discipline, it is a sign that they have a good understanding of the nuances that accurate billing processes require.
  3. Look for an emphasis on great customer service. Any time you have a question or concern, you should feel comfortable calling up your billers and asking them anything. This kind of open relationship is of utmost importance. A billing agency that is willing to go the proverbial extra mile for you is one that will fight for you.
  4. Take note of additional services. While billing agencies focus on properly submitting claims and posting payments for you, some agencies offer services outside of the basics. These can include eligibility verification, authorization requests, and continuous maintenance of aging claims. It’s essential to understand the full range of what you’re getting when you begin a relationship with an agency.
  5. Understand the scope of provider types the agency services. More is not always better. You should select an agency that services therapy providers. Just because a billing agency services cardiologists or chiropractors, for instance, does not mean they can service you. Therapy billing is unique.

We’re confident that following the above recommendations will lead you to the right fit. How do we know? Find out more about what EEP offers, above and beyond the accuracy and integrity you should expect from a therapy billing agency.