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Takeaways from ASHA2019

EEP had a great time attending ASHA 2019 and it was so great to see several of our current clients and meet many other new providers! We were able to speak to providers in all situations from all states and learned a lot about the wants and needs of the community.

Many providers expressed struggles with insurers and shared frustrations about barriers to payment. It was clear for many providers that insurance reimbursement and insurer regulations were the “weak spot” of their practice and they very much wanted and needed advice and consultation to make that area of their practice stronger. Providers want the revenue cycle of the practice to run smoothly and seamlessly so they can focus more on direct patient treatment and clinical expertise. Several people walked up to our booth with an eye roll and a comment – “billing is the aspect of private practice I hate the most!” It seems the trials and tribulations of getting paid are endemic to the industry. We will continue to make it a point to ease these frustrations and get you paid consistently, accurately and as quickly as possible!

One therapist discussed grant and Early Steps program billing with our team. Those programs require specific invoicing that is not industry standard and the provider indicated that it was so difficult to hire a biller who knew that specific invoicing – and ultimately having to recruit someone that didn’t and train that person themselves. It led to her time spent away from therapy, from the clinic, and the practice. EEP has always tried its best to accommodate those situations and bill grants and county programs when available – even if it means having our staff seek out information and learning new things we haven’t done previously. We are here to accommodate you.

It was a pleasure at ASHA to see the zeal and love for the profession. We’ve worked with therapists of all types for so long and can say they are some of the most dedicated and caring healthcare professionals around. There were many students at ASHA that showed the zeal for the profession. They approached our booth and let us know they weren’t in need of billing services but hoped to be someday when they opened their own practice and started servicing the community. We’re eager to attend ASHA in the future and hope to see you there!




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