How To Find the Right Billing Agency - Edwards Electronic Processing Blog

How To Find The Right Billing Agency For Your Therapy Practice

As a therapy billing agency with over 25 years of experience, we understand that billing can be complex, intimidating, and confusing. It is also perhaps the most important function you
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How Outsourcing Your Billing Can Make Your Therapy Practice More Efficient - Edwards Electronic Processing Blog

How Outsourcing Billing Can Make Your Therapy Clinic More Efficient

If you own a therapy clinic, you no doubt understand that billing involves more than just submitting claims. Duties such as requesting authorizations, applying payments to patient statements, and reconciling
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Insurance Authorizations 101 - Edwards Electronic Processing Blog

Insurance Authorizations 101

When a new patient arrives at your therapy clinic, there are several bases to cover before he or she can be treated. Along with standard intake forms and insurance verification,
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